Welcome to the article with eyeopening advice how to make the process of wedding preparations a spectacular enjoyment. Is it your own happy day or wedding of your friends or family, in any way it is a good idea to seek for the most successful way how to make preparations.  And what is successful? When you feel good inside and later are satisfied with the result and happy to experience it with others. Hiring an agency for organising your wedding can be one way. Another way is to participate in the process by yourself. In that case you will need tips for doing an awesome job.


First of all I advise you to make an intention for conducting a successful wedding.

Just make clear decision to conduct a successful wedding. Imagine the feeling of doing great job and obtaining outstanding results. Tell to those who are involved in organising about your clear intention and belief.

Second is about imagination. Simply to imagine the worst case scenario of your desired wedding.

Live it through in your head. Try to feel and experience in your mind the worst moments that can happen, the most scared scenarios. It will not be easy and can start come scary thoughts, but push it through. As a result you will receive a freedom from fear of what terrible things can happen. You will know your fears and can prepare to face them in the best way.

After you have set intention, faced fears, third step is needed to undertake. Creating a big picture.

Imagining the structure of your wedding will help you to build a foundation for future construction of successful wedding. Take a note what are the basic elements of preparation which need to be worked on. Take no more than 5-6 elements, because less is better in this case. In every big field should be a subdivision which you can write either now or later, in order not to overwhelm yourself. So it is up to you, how you feel better. This basement divisions will open for you a clear picture of your wedding. You will know where you can put your effort in.

Next step will be to take every division and create subdivision, Filling your big picture with details.

Here you are free to go as deep as you want. Describe the tasks which are needed to do, who needs to do it and when. I would not recommend to go very much in details about planning actions. When you are in the beginning of your journey you can see the path going in one way, but later, with every step you will see how the road is modifying itself. Don’t do overthinking.

Worries are not pleasant guests.

Now when the first planning done. Can go for the execution part. Here the rule is not to start a lot of different actions in one time. Worries are not pleasant guests. We all can go under the power of emotions, but each time we also are empowered to stop the flow of worrying thoughts and choose other, more joyful attitude.

Going further – no rush.

Do your tasks step by step, include additional steps if needed. Be present in the moment of executing. It will give you the opportunity to be fully in ongoing process, to generate better ideas and to connect all the parts of wedding in the better way.

Do the preparations in a Team.

Even if team consists of two people. Loneliness will not lead you to success. You should have a person or people with whom to talk over and plan. Also to who you can call and discuss any occurred situations. So you can find solutions together. People who are also passionate about creating a great wedding, who share the feelings and experiences with you.

As a bonus tip. One more important aspect of planning weddings is a good decorations.

Everything that surrounds us influences our mood, feelings and actions. We depend on environment where we live. Which means having the power to create environment of the one of the most precious days in your life gives also responsibility to use it in the best way. Wedding decorations are one of the essential parts of the surrounding. Pulmakaunistused is happy to offer you various superb wedding decorations. We are happy to help making your wedding better.

After following these tips you are good to go. 🙂 Pulmakaunistused wishes you luck and joyful wedding preparations !