If to follow numerological tradition, you can already predict the character of your future family life. Believing in numerology or not it is your own right to decide. If you are curious, then it is fun to check what the ancient science about stars can predict and advice you.

How to calculate the wedding date number?

The calculations are actually very simple: to the date of the planned wedding is added separately indicators of the year, month and day. After this, each number is folded down to a base number from 1 to 9. Then added back together and again, if necessary, reduce the total to a prime number.


For example, you are going to get married on July 15, 2019. Here’s what happens:


Year 2019: 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12;

Month 7: 0 + 7 = 7;

Day 15: 1 + 5 = 6;

Summarise 12 + 7 + 6 = 25 = 2 + 5 = 7;

Result: The number of the wedding for this date is 7.


Interpretation of Wedding Numbers




The marriage made on the first day of the month promises to be long and stable. However, it is unlikely to be that simple. There is a long lap for young people, as each of them will strive for leadership, first putting their interests above the desires and needs of their second half. However, after a while, the “storm” will calm down, the spouses will develop a competent line of behaviour, learn to find compromises in relationships. In addition, such newlyweds will help their loved ones in their careers, perceiving the development of their partner as well as their personal personal achievement too. But in such marriage you can not be careful, about not letting marriage get too boring, in this case it can be extra fatal since it will provoke either alienation or treason.




Family life, started under the auspices of the Twin, is always based on a trusting partnership and on a tender, trembling love. In such a marriage, the supply of romance will not run out, the spouses will rejoice each other with gifts, confessions, caress for many years.

However, even the slightest hint of infidelity can be a huge disaster for the deceived – a husband or wife is unlikely to forgive treason. Therefore, you should work on relationship constantly, also not to hurt your loved one, to protect him from disappointment. In addition, in such a pair, there will always be a need for approval. So if you have a Number of Wedding 2, useful often to praise your soul mate more often.



The number of Weddings 3 makes family life unstable. Each of the spouses will strive for personal self-expression, not looking back at their second mate. In addition, a pleasant journey or entertainment on the side will be more important than close contact between husband and wife.


Yes, and with everyday life there will be problems – Number 3 provokes dislike of routine. That is, people who marry under her “protection” will ignore their home duties. This, in turn, will also become an occasion for conflicts and mutual claims.

However, if both husband and wife are creative persons, then such a family union will easily become the beginning of a prospective co-authorship.



Four is not the best Number of Weddings. Spouses will perceive each other as a barrier in achieving some of their goals. Mutual claims will accumulate, which leads to mutual alienation. As a rule, in such marriages the career is the first place, and even if there are children, they do not connect a man and a woman, but are an annoying obstacle for official development. If the husband and wife earn well, the child is hired by a nanny who replaces his mother and father.


The devotion of the spouses married by Number 4 extends exclusively to their work, rather than to family values ​​and attitudes toward each other. So it is worthwhile to think carefully before appointing a wedding for the date corresponding to the Four.



The number of Weddings 5 ​​makes the family life fascinating and diverse. However, often spouses prefer to receive new impressions one by one, that is, each lives in his own “universe”. However, those who initially “looked in the same direction” do not fall under the negative influence of the Number Five. Together they observe the world around, travel or participate in a joint business.

The wedding date corresponding to the number 5 ​​can be recommended to those who from the first minutes of acquaintance were not only associated with feelings, but also with work or hobbies, then the marriage will prove to be really successful. Moreover, such a couple will always have many common friends. In addition, the spouses will be happy to share household chores, and the rest will be spent exclusively in each other’s company, sometimes allowing other people in their company to participate in their company.



The Six as a Wedding Number is a great date for a wedding. In such a family everything will be in abundance – love, financial prosperity, and sincere interest in the success of the second half. People married under the auspices of the Six have every chance of “living happily ever after and dying in one day.”

The main thing is that each of them receives a full return from another for all that he does for family happiness. The number 6 – this is not the option when the “one-gate game” becomes the norm of life. Openness and gratitude are an indispensable condition for harmonious coexistence. However, the couple understands this perfectly and, as a rule, without extra reminders, “pay” for any action of their loved one with the same coin.


The number of the Wedding 7 as the date for the wedding is only suitable for those people who possess innate tranquility and “swan” fidelity. The fact is that Seven gives talent to the analyst, to a clear awareness of what is happening to a loved one, so any suspicion of treason immediately becomes the reason for a thorough investigation. And if one of the spouses really “went to the left”, for another it almost immediately stops to be a secret.

In addition, this number in some way provokes isolation, the absence of a wide range of communication, and if the husband and wife are not accustomed to such existence, then the marriage union quickly disintegrates. But those for whom the world can easily fit in family relationships, Seven gives a long and stable marriage.



Marriage, registered on the day with Number 8, is built exclusively on a financial basis. Therefore, it is recommended to those who, somehow, get married (marry) by calculation. Then each of the spouses will clearly understand what he gives and what he receives in return.

This number is also favorable for couples in which both the bride and groom work in the banking sector, both occupy leading positions or are aimed at active career growth. In this case, family life will be long and full. Spouses will be able to competently combine both love and care for “daily bread”.

To romantically oriented  persons wedding number 8 can bring disappointment. Money will come out on top and hurt sensitive souls by the need to constantly think about the material well-being of the family.



The number of Weddings 9 is suitable for those couples in which neither the bridegroom nor the bride has personal ambitions. Only then will their family life develop very well. Spouses will be happy to “serve” each other and the interests of the family. They will take care of their second half, not expecting anything in return, but at the same time feeling happy, because they will still get a full return.

If one of the spouses actively pursues a career, and the second does not find what to implement, the least successful partner will have to serve for the more enterprising partner. And not always in such pairs on the secondary roles is a woman. You can often meet male “housewives” who are engaged in children, prepare food, wash, while their wives make money. And this does not bring harmony and balance to the marital life. So if you are not ready to live exclusively for the family, then choose another day of marriage.



The last but not least, numerology is just a trend, but in fact, from each individual person, or rather, from two loving people, depends on how their family life will develop. Therefore, do not adjust yourself to the fact that the events of your marriage will go according to the numerological scenario. There are exceptions to any rule.

     If you have already got married (married) on a day that, according to numerology, seems unsuitable for you, just try to avoid the above process of creating the circumstances. After all, we must always work on relationships, and only this as a result becomes the guarantee of a long and happy family life.